Js lib are build with the name of the parentProject instead of just it own name

So I have a big multi-module multiplatformkotlin project lib I will call “BigProject”

each sub-module bigProject will be compiled into a separate lib

This project have a sub-module I will call “core”, who is the only one able/configured/that I want to be compiled into a js lib. It’s also compiled into a Core-js.jar

My issue is:

  • the js buid to npm is done not at the level of the core project, but at the level of BigProject, under the name of “BigProject_Core” instead of just “Core”
    How do I choose to build-it in just Core ? (and to have it in the build of core, not the build of BigProject? with the package.json)

  • in the other multiplatform projecst where I use my lib Core , (dependencies to Core-common.jar who contain the kotlin and Core-js.jar), the js of OtherProject call the require to BigProject_Core instead of just “Core”. (I don’t know how it does to find-it.)

How do I fix-it?

It’s a known problem - https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-34104.