JsName annotation for shared code

The @JsName annotation works great for specifying the js-name but it doesn’t work (1.1.2) for shared code. Is there a way for specifying the annotation on shared code? I guess the annotation should be moved to kotlin-stdlib-common?

We’re considering exposing these annotations (JsName, JvmName etc) in kotlin-stdlib-common.

Could you describe your use case, why would you like to apply this annotation to shared code?

I have some classes in my shared project (compiled to js and to bytecode).


interface PresentationModel {

  val id: ModelId
  val type: ModelType

  fun getProperties(): Array<Property>

  operator fun get(propertyName: PropertyName): Property


For the get method the KotlinJs compiler generates get_lqljjj$ as a method name. Which is very unpractical. Of course in the index.d.ts file you can specify this method name, so you have code-completion, none the less, a getByName would be much nicer.