JSR223 and 1.4

I use the kotlin module scripting-jsr223-embeddable for my project.
I tried to migrate kotlin to 1.4.31 and it can’t find the module any more. When I checked, the latest version of the above module is 1.3.72
This could mean one of the following:

  • The version of the scripting legs behind kotlin version and I have to use the 1.3.72
  • The name of the module changed in 1.4, but I can’t find any reference to a new name
  • The module is altogether deprecated and there is any replacement
  • The module is deprecated and there is no replacement and I will be very sad

Can anyone help me out of this?

Maybe try kotlin-scripting-compiler-embeddable?

The artefact was renamed for simplicity. Now you should use simple kotlin-scripting-jsr223, without -embeddable suffix.
The change was announced in this blogpost - https://blog.jetbrains.com/kotlin/2020/07/kotlin-1-4-rc-released/

Thanks. I remembered I read it somewhere, but I’ve forgotten where. :slight_smile:

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