JUnit5 @Parameterized Tests

I don’t like how for parameterized tests with @MethodSource, I have to put the methods in the companion object and have to annotate them with @JvmStatic, too - that’s a lot of clutter. I also would like to have the source data methods close to the tests, which isn’t possible.

The best solution I came up with is to use @ArgumentsSource together with a little helper class:

open class ArgProvider(vararg val data: Arguments) : ArgumentsProvider {
    override fun provideArguments(
        context: ExtensionContext?
    ): Stream<out Arguments> =  Stream.of(*data)

With that in place, I can write tests such as

fun test(a: Int, b: String) {

class MyArgProvider : ArgProvider(
    arguments(1, "1"),
    arguments(-1, "-1")

I think this is already pretty close to what I want, but maybe there is a better way, e.g. without the need for a helper class. Any ideas?