Just an idea about system application process

What if there was a new keyword available in system programming whose function was only to request for a guarantee that the operating system would make extra effort to avoid terminating the main process during a certain function call?

system fun storeSessionData() {
    // process persists or avoids system interrupts if possible

What extra effort could be made (over and above the usual exception handling)? Which OSs provide support for that?

Presumably you’re intending this for Kotlin/Native? (I can’t imagine the JVM, JS, or Android apps being used for systems programming…)

If you’re thinking of a Unix-like OS, then maybe something related to signal handling? But AIUI, a process can’t do anything to trap or ignore a -9/KILL signal; and other signals would need to be explicitly listened for and trapped — otherwise they’d simply be ignored, and so no further effort would be needed to avoid termination.