Kappdirs: An Appdirs Library Purely Written in Kotlin and Supporting DSL


It’s been maybe 2 weeks since I’ve started learning Kotlin. I’ve been developing in Python and Java for almost 3 years and Kotlin feels like a fresh air now.

So, I’ve wanted to build a toy project, a library and looked for ideas around. I looked for an application directory implementation for Kotlin. I didn’t find any but harawata’s appdirs was a Java project so you could use it in Kotlin.

Oddly, that seemed like a good idea to start. I was aiming for the same thing but apparently did more. I present you kaapdirs:

kappdirs is almost the same implementation of harawata’s appdirs but today I’ve also learned about DSL stuff and implemented for that as well, which made it pretty easier.

Also, check out the documentation.