Kapt cannot find self-generated class

Sometimes when we change source code and run project, it saies that it cannot find class, like this:

Error:(19, 140) error: cannot find symbol class MainActivity$$PresentersBinder

But it works fine if we rebuild project and than run it. Sometimes just re-run helps too.

We have video with these error: there. As you can see, when we go to source code of fail, there we successfully see problem class.

It reproduce within these project. Just modify sample by this issue comment. Then add some method inside DialogView, impletements these mthod inside MainActivity and then call this method from DialogPresenter. Sometimes it requires to few run-re-run some changes.

If you wants to more info, tell me please.

PS: sucessfully reproduce with kotlin version 1.1.4-2 and 1.1.50. There are similar issue: MoxyReflector генерируется корректно через раз · Issue #139 · Arello-Mobile/Moxy · GitHub
PPS: I don’t exclude that problem may be on moxy’s annotation processor =) Could you help then?) Thx