Kapt gradle debugging annotation processor

Hello. I have a problem with debugging an annotation processor. I googled a lot about “How to debug kapt” etc and only this topic with his last comment helped to enable my debug breakpoints.

My problem is that I have to reconnect my remote debugger each time when the gradle stops. The first time he stops when > Starting Daemon, it is okay because by default -Dorg.gradle.debug=true starts with suspend=y option. However, next time he stops on :mymodule:compileKotlin task and here I have to reattach my remote debugger. Does anyone occur the same problem?

Here are my settings:

Gradle plugin version inside the main build.gradle:

classpath 'org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-gradle-plugin:1.3.61'



the command that I run:

gradle clean build -Dkotlin.compiler.execution.strategy="in-process" -Dorg.gradle.debug=true --no-daemon

Also If I remove -Dkotlin.compiler.execution.strategy="in-process" it won’t work.