KMM - Optional Kotlin types support on Swift

Hello everyone!
I wanted to report a problem (take it as a suggestion of improvement) about Kotlin optionals in Swift.

Let’s take the example of a Kotlin Long. If I write a method taking one as a parameter, I have a native conversion to Int64:

fun test(param: Long) {}

Is mapped to

func test(param: Int64) {}

And so I can call it by passing a Int64 directly, or when I implement an Kotlin interface from Swift handle it as an Int64.
But now, let’s take the same example with an optional (so Long?):

fun test(param: Long?) {}

Is mapped to

func test(param: KotlinLong?) {}

So when I call the function I need to make a KotlinLong(value: myInt64) inside a check to know if it is not nil. And when I implement an interface (less annoying), I need to use param?.int64value to use it.
I also encountered a similar behavior with String? where I had to add a as NSString everywhere I call a Kotlin function was expecting an optional string.

Is there any change that can be made on the compiler to handle optionals like non optionals types?

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