Koltin , SpringBoot and Lombok in pom.xml



I’ve been trying this to get to work for quite some time now. I searched for certain solutions on google but nothing really seems to work for me.

I want to use Lombok in a pure Kotlin - Project in a POM-Based maven project with SpringBoot.

I was able to get SpringBoot and Kotlin working together but when it comes to Kotlin it seems that the Lombok-Annotations are not processed.

Is there a standard pom.xml which makes lombok and kotlin work together?

So I can use annotation like @Sl4j , @Builder etc.`?

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Lombok works with Java only


Kotlin does not require Builder, and you can find some logging solution for Kotlin in this forum.


OK - maybe I can life without the Builder - Annotation.

But I was curios what I have to do to get Lombok working with Kotlin. Is there a solution I’v found some threads about this but didn’t get it to work.

What are the logging solutions available in Lombok? Can you provide me a link?

Thank you!

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Thank you for the Link. I managed to get the Apache Kotlin Logging solution to work. That’s ok for me.

I’m new to Kotlin - after doing Java for over 20 years, so there is a lot to learn for me. But that can be fun too.

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Fortunately not too much, but Java issues are not Kotlin issues.
Lombok fixes Java language issues, it not works with Kotlin, Scala, Gradle and so on…