Kotlin: An Option type

I continue to bootstrap my knowledge of Programming with Kotlin, developing a library of useful data types. Described here and here is a Kotlin Option type.

What has proved instructive is how this Option type and some of the abstractions around it are
influencing the way in which I program function logic. The mundane imperative logic, such as an
if statement nested within a while statement are replaced with some higher order abstraction.
Function bodies are more sequential value bindings finishing with a return. They are much easier
to write and much easier to reason about. The two blogs illustrate with some code samples.

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Since the coding is all Kotlin the Developer Community seemed the best place for this. There is no reason it could not go elsewhere. The library the samples utilize is pure Kotlin and is best exploited as idiomatic Kotlin.

Other good places for such contents --  Kotlin Community in Google+ and Kotlin Community in LinkedIn