Kotlin Compiler on Thumb Drive

So, I work on multiple computers. I transport my work between them using a thumb drive. I recently switched to Kotlin, and I want to be able to use the compiler on all computers. However, I can’t install the compiler on each computer individually, so I need your help. Is there any way to use the compiler on a thumb drive alone?

Kotlin on JVM’s compiler is written with Java, so if your device can run Java, you can compiler and run Kotlin on your device.

Okay, good! However, on all the tutorials I saw, it said to add the path to the system variables. (which didn’t work) How am I supposed to run it then?

Gradle wrapper should work well for you.

Indeed, with the Gradle wrapper you don’t need to worry about where the compiler lives. It will get it for you. You may however want to consider using some form of revision control instead of a thumbdrive for your sources.