Kotlin compiler version can't decompile


Hi there !

I downloaded a custom library from an other dev.

I tried to use it but IntelliJ is unable to decompile class file because of kotlin version (I think).

The error message is in every class files not decompiled and looks like this :

// This class file was compiled with different version of Kotlin compiler and can't be decompiled.
// Current compiler ABI version is 1.0.1
// File ABI version is 0.19.0

Anyone has idea to solve this ?..

Thanks !


The library needs to be recompiled with an up-to-date version of Kotlin. There is no other solution.


Can I do this on my own if I have original source ?

(I’m new with kotlin )


Yes, but it’s likely that you will need to make some changes in the code to adapt it to the changes in the language and standard library since the code was written.


Ok too bad for me… Thanks for your reply !