Kotlin equivalent of Swift's struct?

In Swift, I like to use structs to store a bunch of constants like a certain integer or color I would like to use throughout the app. Some of these have to be determined at runtime. What would be the Kotlin equivalent of this?

Do I have to create a data class with a dummy parameter with a default value, and store the constants in that class?

Do I have to create a normal class with a companion object and store constants in there? If so, how does that affect performance? Does it still instantiate the class if I use it many times?

What if I create a class with no companion object, but several other objects stored in it instead, each with their own set of constants. How does this affect performance?

Do I create an object and store constants in there? Is it automatically a singleton object?

Or is there a better way to go about this?

I think you are looking for an object declaration which is in essence a Singleton.

Though I wouldn’t compare it to a struct since that has a different meaning and behaviour in most other languages.

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Thanks for your help! I was looking for a way to determine constants at runtime, to then use them throughout the app. I believe an object declaration will do the trick for me. Thank you!

And realize that you don’t have to put those constants in anything. They can be at the top level in Kotlin.

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Thanks for the tip!