Kotlin files have no highlighting or Icons in the Project window

I’m working with some of the tutorials on getting Kotlin to work with spring, and now i’m seeing strange behavior when creating a new gradle Project with Kotlin.

When trying creating a new Kotlin file, there’s no syntax highlighting, nor any icon indicating the IDE is aware that it’s a Kotlin file:

I haven’t been able to find a similar issue here or in Stack Overflow. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Even more peculiar, if i create the same class with a different name it works, but naming the file/class Greeting.kt causes the issue:

You need to go to Settings | Editor | File Types and remove the incorrect association of the greeting.kt file name with the plain text file type.

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Hey! i’m back after a bit over a year. :slight_smile:

Was curious if there’s any additional information as to how it got added there in the first place. This was a fresh project at the time and i ran into it again today with a fresh project.