Kotlin for experienced Java developers

All, I would like to know how good are the opportunities for kotlin. Being a java server side developer thinking to find a carrier in different languages like frontend or kotlin. I know both are different. So wondering how good are the opportunities and what do you guys recommend on switching to Kotlin ?

Also can some one tell how competitive is the pay for Kotlin in US bay area ?

I worked in Java for almost 17 years, from version 1.4 to 8.
Personally I am really happy to develop in Kotlin, it is really better than Java.

I am a server side developer and I develop in Kotlin daily, I consider Kotlin as the Java 2.0.
Instead frontend is really different than backend development, you risk to become a “junior frontend developer”.

I suggest you to teach how become an experienced server side developer in Kotlin, you can reuse a lot of your competences.

Try to develop a demo project in Kotlin using your preferred Java technologies, or build a toy Kotlin server (you can consider ktor).

I don’t know how many companies are considering Kotlin, but I suggest you to put a good résumé on their table :wink: