Kotlin frustrations solved by IKVM .net

I really like to learn Kotlin, I’ve already programmed java, but Kotlin looks better in every way, including the license of the compiler.

I finally saw IKVM .net core, it’s under the non copyleft zlib license and uses microsoft’s own .net core.

This means iOS support! (I gotta check yet).

The only thing that could improve is natively mapping java ui to maui.

I read in another thread, Kotlin .NET must sound like a dream come true for microsoft lmao.

I scrapped OpenJ9 licensing frustrations, but IKVM solved that.

I don’t know if Kotlin already is a drop in replacement for jdk, but I wish.

Nobody has to ditch java anymore for C++, this makes .net core, iOS and Kotlin a little richer for both developers and users.

So what do you guys/gels think?