Kotlin IntelliJ IU Plugin Version Error Message


I recently installed IntelliJ Ultimate 2017.2.4 (Build #IU-172.4155.36) on Windows 7.

When I start the IDE and load a project, the following message appears:

**Outdated Kotlin Runtime **
**Your version of Kotlin runtime in ‘null’ library is 1.1.2, while plugin version is 1.1.4-release-IJ2017.2-3. **
Runtime library should be updated to avoid compatibility problems.

Not sure how to fix this.

I did a text search of my project folder expecting to find references to “1.1.2” in a configuration file. Instead, the search returned several JAR files in ..\lib\dependencies with names containing *1.1.2.jar as shown in the image.


Since the library name in the error message is ‘null’, I am wondering if IntelliJ is picking up the version of the Kotlin plugin from these Jar files…