Kotlin JavaScript (EcmaScript Target)?


Hello, is it possible to Target multiple EcmaScript Versions? Currently One of our products needs to have ES3 functionality, while we seem a good fit for Kotlin there it would be great to have some kind of Targeting special Versions of Ecmascript. Or does it strictly target ES5?



ES5 is minimal target which we support, but most features should work on ES3 too.

Could You, please, say why do you need ES3?


We are writing an Application for Xerox Printers (Xerox Extensible Interface Platform) which only Supports ES3 at a lot of Models that are still supported, so we have no way of only targeting ES5. It totally hard to debug / write software for that kind, since they strictly implementing the ES3 subset of JavaScript.


Thanks for the clarification.

Unfortunately we dropped the support ES3 and don’t plan to return it.


That's no problem at all. I mean Xerox even forbids using anonymous functions and closures, so serious transpiling etc. is hard to do anyways.