Kotlin JS client example: Gradle and npm


Hi there,
I’m looking into building a web client (based on React) using Kotlin JS

So far I figured there are two possible approaches that people follow:

  1. Use Kotlin WebPack plugin - and don’t use Gradle
  2. Use Kotlin Front-end plugin for Gradle - and don’t use npm

Both seem a bit contrived in my opinion.

Is there any example which:

  • uses Gradle to compile Kotlin
  • uses npm to manage dependencies, bundle etc.

Side questions:

Thank you!


kotlin-frontend-plugin uses NPM and allows to add custom dependencies.

There are no definitive plans regarding ES2015. Maybe. Could you describe why this would be beneficial for your use case?


Looks like ES2015 is not used for client-side, so I don’t actually need it :slight_smile:

How about JSX, any plans to support that syntax?


So which version of the dependencies will it use?

I feel it might work for a toy example, but not for a real-world project - trying to replicate full npm functionality in Gradle is just not practical. Kotlin Webpack plug-in seems a better way to go (haven’t tried it yet though)


You should be able to specify a version and if you don’t it will automatically choose the latest


I am pretty sure you can specify the version like so: dependency("kotlin", "1.1.0")

@cy6erGn0m should know more