Kotlin & LLVM (RoboVM) for iOS/Android apps


I found this little gem recently and I think lots of people who are doing android development right now will have a huge benefit of this.

They even made JavaFX (OpenFX) running on iOS: http://blog.robovm.org/2013/05/javafx-openjfx-on-ios-using-robovm.html

Since this is not a Java 2 ObjectiveC translator, but a JVM byte code to native compiler, this should work with Kotlin also, am I correct?

I know that there are several parties interested in supporting LLVM for Kotlin and maybe they are interested in contributing to this project (including JetBrains)?



PS: I am not affiliated or involved with this project or the company behind it, I just think that it is a huge opportunity for the adoption of Kotlin.


Looks interesting. If there are no restrictiona on the byte code patterns, Kotlin should run on it.


As far as I can see, RoboVM uses a lot of code from Android and Dalvik: http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/openjfx-dev/2013-May/007644.html So I guess that if Kotlin stays compatible with that prerequisite, there is no problem.

Will that be the case? Or will Kotlin be targeted toward the jvm of Java 8 for the final release?




Koltin supports Android now and will not not drop it