Kotlin multiplatform libraries

I started a new hobby project: Kotlin World
It will be a multiplatform Kotlin library (for JVM and JS).
Additionally, I plan to provide some non-trivial Kotlin examples


  • reuse Java types on JVM (if possible)
  • do not reinvent the wheel, use existing platform implementations (if possible)

What do you think? Is there a place for such library/project?
I don’t want to spend my time on hopeless/useless work… :thinking:


Honestly I think your time would be better spend contributing to the existing kotlin mmp libraries that already work on those problems. For math I suggest checking the kotlin slack group(join here: https://kotl.in/slack) or ask @darksnake.
UUID and other common utility functions are part of kotlin extlib and for time there is a current KEEP with an experimental implementation so you should at least look to build your API on top of that. Also I think there are already some other time libraries for kotlin, I don’t have any links though, but I guess google will find them :wink:
Also a comprehensive time library as you outline in your readme takes a lot of work and should in my humble oppinion be a standalone library and not part of something bigger as it is complex enough, but that’s just me.

Yeah for some reason I though you were planing on implementing this yourself, but I see you just delegate to jvm/js implementations, so yeah. Still for it to be used in kotlin I think it should also work well with the KEEP I linked above.

It seems like you want to duplicate https://github.com/korlibs. I agree with @Wasabi375 about contributing to existing projects. We have a lot of toy-libraries in Kotlin ecosystem and not a lot of stable solutions. I think it is better to have one stable library with good API than several unfinished attempts. We have JS ecosystem as an example of the second approach.

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