Kotlin native toolchain cross compilation for a HelloWorld Cpp file

I’m trying to debug a native executable generation for a linuxArm32Hfp target. As part of that, I’m looking for a way to manually compile a hello world cpp file using the toolchain binaries from .konan folder. I’m unable to successfully cross compile it to linuxArm32Hfp target from my mac machine. It is either some missing header files or if I include those header paths found in .konan folder, then the ld is giving errors for binaries since they are not recognizable in mac.
The cross compilation for the kotlin linuxArm32Hfp target from intelliJ works fine.
I’m not sure if I’m using the right binaries. So, is it possible to do such cross compilation of a CPP file using kotlin native provided toolchain or is it possible to check what commands & parameters kotlin uses to compile and produce a kexe file that happens as part of the gradle build(konan.properties has some of these cmds & params but it is not very clear on the usage or any of its limitations) that might help in what I’m trying to do?
Any help or pointers is much appreciated. Thanks!

Are there any other approaches that I could try?