Kotlin-react existing component libraries

Anyone have an example on how to use kotlin-react with existing component libraries? Kotlin-react looks wonderful, but one of the reasons I want to use react is because of the rich ecosystem.


I might be wrong, but you have to write bindings for existing components.

Yeah, I figured, just wondered if there were any examples of bindings that were written. I’m a little unsure how to call the existing javascript code, specifically for integration with kotlin-react. How do I return the right type? It’s a little confusing without an example.


Here’s the example of react-router bindings, which don’t exist in kotlin-wrapper (or at least did not exist by the time we created kotlinconf application): component bindings and DSL.

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Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for!

Links are not avaiable anymore, but i’d really need to see the examples you were talking about.
How can I?


Here is a permanent link: