Kotlin script: hyphen arguments not forwarded to script

I noticed this behaviour with kotlin and kotlinc tools.
Passing arguments starting with hyphens, like -b, --blah doesn’t work unless you provide and end of options terminator -- in the command line. AFAIK this is not documented anywhere.

kotlin command line tool requires the following syntax:
kotlin hello.main.kts -- arg1 arg2 arg3 -b --blah
kotlinc accepts the following syntax
kotlinc -script -- hello.main.kts arg1 arg2 arg3 -b --blah

IMO, kotlin should accept the -- before the script path, so you can put it in the shebang line and the end user can ignore the above intricacies:
!#/usr/bin/env kotlin --

But this is currently not possible. However it can be worked around with kotlinc as follows:
!#/usr/bin/env kotlinc -script --

Another questionable behaviour: your script can’t accept arguments -D and -J: these are processed by kotlin/kotlinc regardless of whether you provide the end of options terminator “--”.

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Thanks, I created an issue https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-37987, please follow it for updates.

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