Kotlin secondary constructor prameter

How can i pass two integers to the secondary constructor

    class Test(var name:String){
            println("$age $data")
        fun display(){
        println("hello world $name")
    fun main(args: Array<String>) {
        var t=Test("john")
        var t1=Test(10,25)

but it gave me the error

     Simplest version.kt

    Error:(8, 39) Type mismatch: inferred type is Int but String was expected
    Warning:(17, 8) Variable 't1' is never used

But after some googling i solved this problem by making one of the parameter as String type. But want to pass those parameters as integer type .How can i achieve that?

What is t1.display() supposed to display in your example?

Convert data to a string when calling the primary constructor:


no. I want those parameters as integer

Then you are not making the problem clear enough. Both age and data are integers in my solution. The conversion to String takes place during the primary constructor invocation.

That’s why I asked what t1.display() should display :slight_smile: