Kotlin to Java bytecode. Can not understand one variable

Kotlin code:

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    val a = 42.9

Java Decompile code:

   public static final void main(@NotNull String[] args) {
      Intrinsics.checkNotNullParameter(args, "args");
      double a = 42.9D;
      String var3 = String.valueOf(Reflection.getOrCreateKotlinClass(Double.TYPE).getSimpleName());
      boolean var4 = false;

For what “boolean var4 = false” ???

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From what I remember they are used to pause debugger on breakpoints inside inline functions. I can’t find a source right now, but someone commented on that before.

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You’re correct, disabling the inline optimization in the compiler will not generated the

    ISTORE 4

which the decompiler converts to a boolean.

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