Kotlin tour

I started learning Kotlin and found this page (Kotlin tour).

It’s perfect tour (I guess so)!
But I found a couple mistakes and decide to inform you.

  1. Page Add database support for Spring Boot project | Kotlin Documentation
    This block contains the mistake in parameters sequence:
    presented code
fun findMessageById(id: String): List<Message> = db.query("select * from messages where id = ?", id) { response, _ ->
        Message(response.getString("id"), response.getString("text"))

need replace to

fun findMessageById(id: String) : List<Message> = db.query("select * from messages where id = ?",  { response, _ ->
        Message(response.getString("id"), response.getString("text"))
        }, id)
  1. Page Use Spring Data CrudRepository for database access | Kotlin Documentation
    2.1. after changing approach persisting data to DB from ‘Spring JDBC’ to ‘Spring Data’ and change sql-script by creating table, necessary drop exists table (messages) to create new table from sql-script, otherwise you get corresponding message and service doesn’t start.
    Or need to change application.property ‘spring.sql.init.mode=always’ to more suitable (drop/create)
    2.2. Need to add @Id annotation to class Message:
    data class Message(@Id val id: String?, val text: String)

Please correct it.