Kotlinc (command line comp.) not adding dependency lib to JAR

Renews this (same thing, not solved too)

Met the same thing:

File “ducks.kt” has dependency on “reliability.kt”, successfully compiles, but the target jar has no this additional class in it. And says that it is absent, despite the successfull compilation.

The screenshots, detailed:

Why is this?
I understand that this way to go is one of too hardcore one, but, anyway, how am I expected to pass the interview when I could say, “I used command-line interface for learning” ?
Pls help (or counterpose smth, please, btw).



Wow, found this (thanks this miraculous web-site, suggesting answers before posting this one):

So, just listed it both, writing thus all the work-in KT’s (rather bothering with “-classpath” option) and all of the needed classes are present in the target JAR, launches successfully. The command follows:

kotlinc ducks.kt reliability.kt -include-runtime -d ducks.jar


Anyway, can it be fixed or advised via compile-time compilator reaction not to use the -classpath, or anything? Thanks beforehand.

P.S.: anyway pls don’t delete the topic, mb smb else could seek for “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError” thing in Kotlin

Sorry my walla text.