KotlinConf 2018 Live. Watch online

Hi! This year we have organized a live stream of KotlinConf 2018. Watch the opening Keynote by Andrey Breslav, 14 Live sessions, and the Closing Panel online. All the major Kotlin announcements will be revealed in the Keynote at 9am CEST, October 4th.

To help people not miss out, we will send out reminders to everyone who has signed up for them. If you’d like we will also send links to KotlinConf videos and presentations afterward. Sign-up for the reminders and videos here.

You can also use Twitter to ask your questions for the Closing Panel. Use hashtag #kc18ask.

See you on October 4-5. Let’s Kotlin!


Damn. I wish I could be there. Maybe I can find the time to watch it live. Will you upload the videos to youtube later or do I have to catch it live?

We will definitely upload the videos but it can take some time.

Well, I’m very excited to get to know about Kotlin native. It took me a while to see the full potential of Kotlin can’t miss this!

looking for recordings… can someone please share link

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I see you gruaduadly upload the videos.
But now you have uploaded the closing video, does that mean that the other rooms will not be uploaded?
Or is this an incorrect assumption?

We are going to upload all videos. I’ll make one more post on this forum, when they are ready.


We’ve just uploaded the videos from the day one. There still gonna be more soon, but you can start checking them out https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ176FUIyIUbVvFMqDc2jhxS-t562uytr

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