KotlinDoubleArray to native

I have a method that has an array as parameter, which syntax I should use to declare? If use Array or ArrayDouble I can’t use this method in swift language with kotlin Multiplatform, I need a class with common “tag” (blue).

Help me please

You can use anything with the Native tag, it doesn’t necessarily have to have the Common tag.

Moreover, DoubleArray is indeed available in Common

The buttons with the tag names are used to toggle the tags, so only the properties/methods avalible in the active tags are shown.
What happened is that you disabled the Common tag.

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But this class don’t work in swift when I use a framework

That’s because the Swift array is equivalent to a Kotlin list, so you’ll have to use List<Double>

See https://kotlinlang.org/docs/tutorials/native/apple-framework.html#kotlinnative-runtime-declarations

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