Kotlinx-datetime is now serializable

Get the word out, this is great for MPP folks!

i implemented like this on my common side

data class RestResponseDTO(
val payload:T,
val dt: LocalDateTime = testDateTime

and decoded like this on the ktor-client side:

private fun decodeList(input:String) : RestResponseDTO<List<BookDTO>>{
    val decoded = Json.decodeFromString(RestResponseDTO.serializer(ListSerializer(BookDTO.serializer())), input)
        dayOfMonth : ${decoded.dt.dayOfMonth}
        year : ${decoded.dt.year}
        hour : ${decoded.dt.hour}
        minute : ${decoded.dt.minute}
    console.log(decoded.dt == testDateTime)
    return decoded
suspend fun fetchAll() {
    val url = buildRestUrl(BookDTO.restStub)
    val resp = jsonClient.get<String>(urlString = buildRestUrl(BookDTO.restStub))
    val obj = decodeList(resp)

there is probably a much better way to do this, but i am super happy that it is working!!!