Ktor - MultiPartFormDataContent filename encoding

hi there.

I found an example of file uploading with ktor as a multiPart request.

Ktor - Upload file

What if the file name contains special characters?

like Übung 001.pdf

val client = HttpClient(CIO)

val response: HttpResponse = client.post("http://localhost:8080/upload") {
        formData {
            append("description", "Ktor logo")
            append("image", File("ktor_logo.png").readBytes(), Headers.build {
                append(HttpHeaders.ContentType, "image/png")
                append(HttpHeaders.ContentDisposition, "filename=Übung 001.pdf")
        boundary = "WebAppBoundary"
    onUpload { bytesSentTotal, contentLength ->
        println("Sent $bytesSentTotal bytes from $contentLength")


 "filename=Übung 001.pdf"

automatically be encoded or should I use any function for it?

I thought, that file name should be at least double-quoted: