Ktor plugin makes a build.gradle with errors?

I am new to using JetBrains and I am new to using Gradle and Kotlin. I have had a good bit of experience developing in Java and springBoot. I was really excited to use the Ktor plugin and generate a project filled with goodies from the start, but all I get is a build.gradle.ts filled with red squiggly lines!! I can’t find any help online. It says things like:
"Type ‘Project’ has no method 'getValue(Build_gradle, KProperty<>)’ and thus it cannot serve as a delegate"
Under project.
application and Kotlin are red in the plugins.
under repositories, mavenCentral is red, implementation is red.
Type mismatch.
() → Unit

What on earth is a fella to do about this? It makes no sense that the plugin for generating a project would start out with errors in it. What can I change to fix this?? thank you! I would like to get back to work ASAP if somebody could help a noob, it would be greatly appreciated.

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