Linking time off the roof


I’m using Kotlin Multiplatform for a project which started as an Android app but now more forked into native app.
I have two big issues: no websocket impl on native and linking times (well also debugging).

Compilation time is around 10s which is very good in my opinion but linking time takes around a minute for each change.

I use quite some libraries and 3 cinterops but the problem was there almost from the beginning. I wonder if I do something wrong and whether I can measure/improve it somehow (I’m already on SSD so here’s that).

I would appreciate if you shared your linking time or provided any tips. Thanks!

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Hello, do you mean Gradle task named link<ConfigName><BinaryKind><TargetName> or the particular Linker phase of the compilation?

Hi, thanks for joining in.

I refer to the whole task. It’s probably not only linking but the whole llvm? Would be nice to know now to take measures

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