Looking for a cron library for KTor

Before i re-engineer the wheel has anyone found a great library to do cron like jobs on KTOR?

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I’d started to do it, but didn’t finish yet: GitHub - Scogun/kcron-jobs: KCron Recurring Actions

val scheduledEventFlow = flow{

scheduledEventFlow.onEach{ doScheduledJob() }.launchIn(scope)

Do you need anything else?


What if you need to run some event last day of every month?

You can use http://www.quartz-scheduler.org/ for example

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It look like “KCron” targets Android. Referencing Android libs in a server application would be at least uncommon.

For as server application something like Quartz would be a better fit. It does not only offer a lot of scheduling features but is also able to run in a cluster to avoid down times.

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