Looking for tutorials/articles on coroutines from a non Android perspective

I am one of the rare non android kotlin developers. All of the tutorials on coroutines are usually from an android perspective, has anyone read any great articles or tutorials that are not android focued?

Have you read Roman Elisarov’s articles? There are quite a lot of articles and videos on coroutines not related to Android (done several myself, but they are mostly in Russian).

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Not that rare!⠀According to a survey last year, just over half (56%) of Kotlin developers use it for mobile. Many of us use it for back-end systems, desktop apps, web apps, and various other things.

I will check him out, ty very much.

I am not alone, lol!!!

I use kotlin for backend and android, the tutorials for Android are per framework, the core is explained in the coroutines section.

You should check ktor’s documentation for backend.

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Using Kotlin for server side development for a little over a year now, and really loving it. Hoping to never use Java again.

After reading those from Roman Elizarov as the best resource on the topic, maybe I can point you to this from mine, where I did a little resume about how coroutines relate to Spring How to Fire and Forget Kotlin Coroutines in Spring Boot