M7 Error


When I upgraded my codebase to M7, I'm now getting the following error when launching the app:

java.lang.VerifyError: Instruction type does not match stack map

Exception Details:


  com/steamstreet/unstoppable/admin/AdminPackage$initRoutes$4.invoke(Lcom/steamstreet/unstoppable/api/RouteHandler;)V @694: aload


  Current frame's stack size doesn't match stackmap.

  Current Frame:

  bci: @694

  flags: { }

  locals: { 'com/steamstreet/unstoppable/admin/AdminPackage$initRoutes$4', 'com/steamstreet/unstoppable/api/RouteHandler', 'com/steamstreet/logging/LoggingClient', 'com/steamstreet/unstoppable/economy/EconomyManager', 'kotlin/jvm/internal/Ref$ObjectRef', 'java/lang/String', 'com/steamstreet/logging/LoggingQuery', 'java/util/List', top, 'java/lang/Iterable', 'java/lang/Iterable', 'java/util/Collection', 'java/util/Iterator', 'java/lang/Object', 'java/util/Map', 'java/util/HashMap', 'java/lang/Exception' }

  stack: { }

  Stackmap Frame:

  bci: @694

  flags: { }

  locals: { 'com/steamstreet/unstoppable/admin/AdminPackage$initRoutes$4', 'com/steamstreet/unstoppable/api/RouteHandler', 'com/steamstreet/logging/LoggingClient', 'com/steamstreet/unstoppable/economy/EconomyManager', 'kotlin/jvm/internal/Ref$ObjectRef', 'java/lang/String', 'com/steamstreet/logging/LoggingQuery', 'java/util/List', top, 'java/lang/Iterable', 'java/lang/Iterable', 'java/util/Collection', 'java/util/Iterator', 'java/lang/Object', 'java/util/Map', 'java/util/HashMap', 'java/lang/Object' }

  stack: { 'java/util/Collection' }

This is fairly serious, and is preventing me from updating to the latest version.


More information... the problem seems to be happening because of some exception handling code within a map() literal:

somecollection.map {   try {   doSomething();   } catch (Exception: e) {   } }

When I remove the try/catch, the code runs fine.


Thanks for the report. Could you file it as an issue in the tracker?


To work around this problem, try to switch off inlining, as described here: http://blog.jetbrains.com/kotlin/2014/03/m7-release-available/#more-1439


I see how to turn it off in IDEA, and it works fine. I don't see how to access this via Gradle. How to I configure Kotlin compiler flags in Gradle?

Update: Found it:

compileKotlin {
  kotlinOptions.inline = false


Youtrack issue: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-4788