Make Js IR aware of javascript files

I have a nodeJs based Kotlin project and i’m trying out the kotlin IR compiler but i’m having some trouble with getting the right modules packaged into the javascript binaries, I think this is because the IR compiler doesn’t know about the JS files I have in my project.

Can I make the compiler aware of the js?
Can I get rid of the js and make my project all kotlin?

The js files are the entry points for aws lambda’s and are essentially the same but with different modules.

const parseEnv = require('aws-app-aws-api').aws.api.parseEnv;
const Controller = require('my-module').my.Controller;

const controller = parseEnv(process.env).then((parsedEnv) => {
    return new Controller(parsedEnv);

exports.handler = async (event, context, callback) => {
    const myController = await controller;
    return myController.handle(event, context, callback);

parseEnv is annotated with @JsExport but comes from a separate project thats being build with js(BOTH), the aws-app-aws-api import fails because its missing from the js packages at runtime it is present with the legacy compiler.