More elvis operations

It would be nice to have more Elvis operations. for example

val :Int = List.size <: 0

So you can not only check for null/? with Elvis but also <,>,=
Elvis < == Is null or is smaller then 0
Elvis > == Is null or is bigger then 0
And so on…

I don’t really understand this example. First, List.size can’t be null here, so it is comparing two not-null values. Second, the result seems to be boolean, but you typed it as integer.

Do you mean that a <: b should work like this?

if (a == null) true else a < b

Then why it should return specifically true in null case? Why not false? Why not null? Sounds like designing the language to solve one specific kind of problems.


Or maybe you mean something like this:

if (a < b) a else null

It is not very clear what do you mean.

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?.let{} covers all those cases, it does not make sense to add them to the language.