Need help understanding how to annotate as NotNull without Java source


I am creating a sub-class of a Java class. In this class there are methods that I override and implement such as

public class MyEndpoint extends StandardAccessorImpl {

  public void onSource(INKFRequestContext context) throws Exception {


I know that context is never null.

I have run the Kannotate tool on the Java JARs and some of the cases where I know there are no nulls are not picked up.

I am using both IntelliJ as an IDE and the Gradle plugin for Kotlin.

My question is this - what is the best way to handle this?

I looked that the XML documents containing the annotation and I would be willing to work with them, but I can find no documentation on how they encode the annotation information. I would also consider writing some adapter classes in Kotlin between the e.g. StandardAccessorImpl and my production classes if this was the only way to do this.

– Randy


To create those XML documents: