Newbie question

I have a method that I need to override and it returns a Parser<Node>

I have a DOTParser which is a Parser, but it doesn’t know Node.

How do I solve this?

override val parser: Parser<Node>
get() = ?

Does DOTParser implement/extend Parser<Node>?

Can you publish DOTParser's declaration?

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Nope. They both are generated antlr parsers, but Parser<Node> is an extended Parser with a Node that comes from another framework. As I am new to Kotlin, I don’t understand what Parser<Node> stands for.

Somehow I need my DOTParser to become DOTParser<Node>.

Just realized, it is not the same Parser. One is an interface declared in kotlin, the other is a superclass in java.

Ah, the old gotcha of two classes/interfaces with the same name but in different packages!⠀Well spotted — that can be really tricky to catch if you’re not used to it…

(Pro-tip: if there’s any strange behaviour with classes not being recognised, it’s always worth checking their fully-qualified names, justin case.)