No default constructor for Pair? Serialization concerns


I’m working on doing serialization with SnakeYaml, but I’m running into the issue that Pair objects don’t have default constructors, which is really inconvenient since they’re a nice class to use in various places. Is there any plan to change that? I realize that I can make SnakeYaml work around it, but that’s kind of annoying to do.

I also realize that there is a Kotlin module for Jackson and a Yaml Module for it as well (e.g, this page covers them That would be great, but as far as I can tell, Jackson doesn’t include the class types in the generate YAML, which when you’re using a lot of interfaces is kind of a no go (if you can make it do so and I didn’t realize, please let me know how). SnakeYaml does include types in Yaml, making it more interface friendly for serialization and loading, but there do not appear to be any mods to make working with Kotlin easier.


Kotlin Serialization