No string functions in simple js project


Hi All

I was trying to play around with kotlin as a JS frontend. I created a small html page which loads:


the second being the output of my kotlin program:

fun main(args: Array<String>) {   jq {   val title = jq("html head title")   title.text("test")   jq("div#uri").text(window.document.baseURI)   var iep = -1   for(ci in 0..window.document.baseURI.length() ) {            val c =  window.document.baseURI[ci]            if(c == '/') iep = ci;   }   jq("div#base").text("${iep}")   val base = window.document.baseURI.substring(0, iep)

  &nbsp;&nbsp;jq("div#base").text("${iep} " + base)


the jq part works fine, but trying to use lastIndexOf or iterating fails, because length() or lastIndexOf() are not found. Do I need to import some additional js code?

Kind Regards

P.S.: i am really impressed by kotlin. kudos jetbrains



Thank you for your kind words.

Could you please specify the version of plugin you are using and attach the whole project?

You can also file bugs via



version is: 0.5.748

project enclosed (1.39 MB)


after repeatedly adding and removing the KotlinJavaScript runtime both from the module dependencies and artifact output i got it finally working.