None of the following functions can be called with the arguments supplied


I have firebase database Sales and I want to get the results of time range. Starting at 13:00:00 (1577278800000 as milliseconds) and end at 13:30:00 ( 1577280600000 as milliseconds )

-time: 1577278800000

val rootRef = FirebaseDatabase.getInstance().reference

    val query = rootRef.child("Sales").orderByChild("time").startAt(1577295000000).endAt(1577195256918)

    //println("query1" +query1)
    val valueEventListener = object : ValueEventListener {
        override fun onDataChange(p0: DataSnapshot) {
            if (p0.exists()) {
                for(ds in p0.children) {
                    val timeList = arrayListOf<Long>()
                    val time = ds.child("time").getValue(!!

        override fun onCancelled(databaseError: DatabaseError) {
            Log.d(TAG, databaseError.getMessage()) //Don't ignore errors!

The thing is it is giving error when I try to run.
here is the error :

None of the following functions can be called with the arguments supplied:
@NonNull @PublicApi public open fun startAt(p0: Boolean): Query defined in
@NonNull @PublicApi public open fun startAt(p0: Double): Query defined in
@NonNull @PublicApi public open fun startAt(@Nullable p0: String?): Query defined in

startAt() taking Long as paramater and I have no idea why it is giving me this error.
Can anyone please help me here.

You are passing in an Int. Put an ā€œLā€ on the end of the number literal to make it a Long.

1577295000000 is Long value, not an Integer

Your post already contains the answer: