OnClickListener with function reference

I’m not sure if this is the proper place to ask, but what do you think about allowing following syntactic sugar:

infix fun View.onClick( func : () -> Unit){
   this.setOnClickListener{ func() }
class Foo{
  val bar : Bar = ...
  val viewA : View = ...
  val viewB : View = ...

  fun fooFun(){}

  fun setListeners(){
     viewA onClick ::fooFun
     viewB onClick bar::barFun


Above code currenty works without any major issues. Is there possibility to create a similar extension, but with possibility of passing arguments?

fun doSomething(foo : Int, bar : Int){ ... }
view onClick ::doSomething(foo,bar)

Just a fun question, not a requirement or language feature request :slight_smile:

Does not actually look shorter than

view onClick { doSomething(foo,bar) }