OPENRNDR: creative coding framework for Kotlin

Hi everyone! :slight_smile: I couldn’t find any mentions of this amazing framework and thought maybe someone finds it interesting:

That’s how I got into Kotlin last year and I’m really enjoying it. Here you can see some experiments made by community members:

And the last image I created with it:


Nice! The problem is that the site is too… creative. You need to dig really deep in order to understand what it actually does.

Thanks, I’ll pass that feedback to the developers. I think they are working on a new site.

If someone has heard of Processing or openFrameworks, it’s something in that direction: a framework that makes it easy to create real time graphics and via extensions, do all kinds of effects, shaders, animation, video, computer vision, some machine learning, etc. It’s a kind of tool often used by interaction design studios and artists, great for fancy dataviz projects too.

This a list of currently available extensions, maybe it helps see the direction it goes.