Please allow multiple spaces again

Some of us who care about typography like to double-space our sentences. By that, I mean leaving two spaces (or similar gap) between sentences. For me, it makes blocks of text slightly easier to read. (No, that’s not just a thing for old-fashioned typewriters — arguably, it makes more sense with proportionally-spaced fonts, which have a proportionally narrower space.)

HTML doesn’t make that easy, of course; but on most sites, it’s possible by making one a non-breaking space (U+00A0, which can be typed with e.g. Alt+Space on a Mac). That used to work here, too, I think; but no longer. Then, by using an en space (U+2002). But recently that has also stopped working: the site seems to convert all groups of spaces of any kind into a single basic U+0020 space. (I’m posting this with figure spaces — but without much hope…)

Why does the site go to all this trouble to avoid groups of spaces and/or other space characters? Are they so harmful? Is typography so offensive??

(No, the site doesn’t allow figure spaces either.)

I don’t think this is something the kotlin team can control. AFAIK this forum uses the discourse software which uses Markdown for formating (or some dialect). Markdown has some rules on how to treat white space. This includes reducing any whitespace to a single blank space (with some exceptions like line breaks, etc). The fact that some special space character wasn’t recognized could be based on the unicode implementation used by discourse or a lot of other factors.
You will probably have more luck opening an issue on their github.

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