Problem reference layout other project

I have many project and use same layout but i cannot separate layout from main project

how to fix this problem, help me please

Please show the code causing the problem.

my code problem, I use gradle import library other project

File: settings.gradle
project(‘:@screen’).projectDir = new File(settingsDir,‘…/…/@screen’)

File: build.gradle
compile project(‘:@screen’)

Can you create a small sample describing the problem? It’s quite hard to figure out what is going wrong now.

I attach a small sample describing the problem, I wanna custom view for alertdialog
I’m sorry my file it big size for attach

I have more problem when compile will cannot recompile will restart my computer only

Thank you for help, Sorry for my bad English.

I’m get this problem

I wanna language design for “View” use with Diaglog, AlertDialog

I’m call textView01 not use findViewById. It’s so good for develop

But this problem “View” working when use “findViewById”, I don’t want to see “findViewById” If can change syntax to
val v = View.inflate…
v.[].text = “Kotlin Super Language”

I do delete code “v.dialogcontenttext.text = TextView In Dialog” but cannot comile because code import file.
I’m sorry, miss see code import on top file.
I do delete line code import of layout dialog_confirm and recompile it work.
I’m wanna menu Build>“Clean Project | Rebuild Project” delete import not use.

Thanks a lot for your help.