Problem with import in gradle kotlin dsl in intellij

// intellij always marks this import as invalid highlighting only thetaphi without the de. prefix
import de.thetaphi.forbiddenapis.gradle.CheckForbiddenApisExtension

plugins {
    id("de.thetaphi.forbiddenapis") version "2.6"

// to do this, I need the above import, inlining it here just moves the problem
configure<CheckForbiddenApisExtension> {
    bundledSignatures = setOf("jdk-unsafe-9", "jdk-deprecated-9", "jdk-non-portable", "jdk-internal-9")
    // take out "jdk-system-out"
    signaturesFiles = files("forbidden_signatures.txt")
    ignoreFailures = false

I have a weird unresolved import error with the gradle sample above. This is not the whole build file. However, the problem is that it works fine from the command line. Gradle has no issues resolving this import and running the plugin. However, in intellij any de.tetaphi import is always marked as unresolved.

I suspect the de. domain is throwing it off somehow.

The plugin exist in maven central, so that’s not the issue:

I would appreciate some workaround /fix for this as this is one of those plugins I want on all my projects. It has repeatedly stopped me from accidentally depending on e.g. shaded dependencies or obsolete commons lang classes, or JVM internal stuff.